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After years of meandering through genres, Colleen Francis debuted as Franky C in 2019. Her new pop sound combines Kesha style rap and Meghan Trainer soul, with epic, belty, chick influences like P!nk and Kelly Clarkson. 


She authentically combines hair-flipping vocals and epic electronic beats with a hint of twang. While her music brings some serious heat, It doesn't take itself too seriously. Her sound is simply all about feeling good, confident, and loving life.


Franky C started songwriting at the age of 7. Over the years, she has written hundreds of songs in various genres, wandering through country, rock, and musical theater, but Colleen confesses, pop has always been her main love. 


In 2011 she co-fronted rock band, Scarlett Seven, alongside Lori Lee, and in 2015 she released a funky live-band solo album as Colleen Francis. After years of soul-searching and honing her sound, in 2019 Colleen debuted her first single “Celebrate” as Franky C. Her new sound is energetic, fun, and fierce.


For her newest heartfelt single, World Go Round, Franky C is teaming up with producer Kurt Goebel and songwriter Michael August. The song is represented by both Demolition Music Publishing and Resin8 Music.



Can't Help Myself